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*METAPHOR llc  was established in 2003

* Domestic and international clients 

* Solutions for residential and commercial markets 

* Products for market segments include

         - Mass-market retailers, home centers, independent distribution, builders and commercial channels. 

* METAPHOR has developed innovative processes such as  the “Color Matrix”  for interior and exterior products

        - This color palette of over 5000 current, emerging and forecast colors is continuously researched and updated. 

* The METAPHOR studio can prepare prototypes in various media. 

        - High Resolution Large Format Scanning up to 60"Wx120"L

* Multi industry experience

        - Building Products and Decor

Tooling Assistance

Today's markets are highly competitive so attracting new customers requires creative differentiation.  Leveraging the best features and benefits of your business enhances customer loyalty for your products. 

METAPHOR's  extensive experience in residential and commercial color, design and materials has improved customers time to market by 25% and added 20% in measurable return. 

This has led to shareholder value throughout the portfolio chain by creating targeted new products.